About Us

The Crocels Community Media Group was formed in 2011 as a partnership between Crocels CMG CYF, which was incorporated in 2007 as Glamorgan Blended Learning Ltd (GBL), Jonathan Bishop Limited, incorporated in 2009, and The Crocels Press Limited, incorporated in 2011. We are led by Jonathan Bishop, who is the CEO of the Group and the equivalent role in each of our consortia members.

Crocels CMG CYF builds on GBL’s record as a social enterprise, with a new legal structure arising out of the research it has sponsored into contingent working. The business model is so innovative that 100% of members and the directors of GBL agreed to give up its co-operative legal structure that would have prevented us from blending private sector efficiency and management approaches with the not-for-profit ethos of the third sector.

Our business model is to derive income from commercial services provided by a partnership of cooperating individuals and organisations  to spend on our community work. We therefore like to see ourselves as part of the ‘people sector‘ as unlike the third sector, most of our income is from business-to-business activities and not donations and other fund-raising. Also, unlike the private sector, we run for the benefit of the communities we serve and not private profit.