A career with Crocels CMG is one of the most rewarding one can have. We never tie anyone down to an employment contract, meaning whenever you take on a position with us you can turn down work if you do not want it, and can work for others at the same time.

Crocels Professional Development Programme
Many people who have careers with Crocels CMG usually take part in a six month intensive programme where they gain work experience and proof of that, which enhance their employability. Some people take part in short work tasters that can last only a week, and others who go through one of these programmes end up being long-term contingent workers who are taken on as and when we need them and they need us. Others, such as people in receipt of out-of-work benefits can take part in our Contingent Working Volunteer Scheme (CWVS). Such persons still go through the process below, but one does not have to sign our Contingent Works agreement, and will be offered places on projects best suited to one’s abilities and ambitions on a very casual basis. The CWVS is a lot like an ongoing version of the work tasters described below or essentially a ‘lite‘ version of the Crocels Community Development Programme, where you have no on-going commitments.

The application process for the Crocels Professional Development Programme is above. Our method goes beyond current equality rules, so that applicants do not have to disclose any of their ‘protected characteristics’, such as age, sex, disability or race, until the verification process where these will be accommodated where possible.

Skills and Experience Audit
Those interested in the programme should request a skills and audit form and the accompanying guidance to make an application.

Project/Scheme Choice
Those with suitable skills and knowledge will be asked to say which Projects and Schemes run by Crocels CMG they wish to take part in. It is likely that for uncontracted voluntary work that opportunities will be available immediately. Contracted work is likely to be only available if a tender has been won, research and development work needs doing, or where grant funding has been obtained for community projects. Much of the contracted and voluntary opportunities in our Projects and Schemes can now be done through teleworking, where you can work from home using your own ICTs, wherever in the world you are.

Your Future Career
It is likely after your time at Crocels CMG you will want to go on to bigger and better things. We offer a free reference writing service for applications, which we can post to LinkedIn if needed. Regardless of which Project or Scheme you worked on we can give you a reference for any of our Companies in any of our Locations.

For the £10 statutory fee for the Data Protection Act, we can provide you will a portfolio of all the work you have done during your time with us, to help you get work elsewhere.

Many people on our Crocels Professional Development Programme get qualifications while they are working for Crocels CMG.  This has included Masters degrees and C&G certification. Many also get independent CPD evidence, which in the past has included certificates of attendance for conferences, IoD and other professional training, and publications of research papers and posters.

Even years after leaving Crocels CMG, many of the people still take part in contingent working as and when it arises. This has the benefit of giving you the change to work when you need to, and how you want. You can work in your own premises, with your own equipment and your own methods – The main thing you must do is meet the deliverables to the appropriate standard and quality.

Speculative and Advertised Applications

Crocels Community Media Group welcomes speculative applications from people interested in becoming part of our projects and/or initiatives to boost their career prospects while also helping us to meet our corporate social responsibility goals. If you wish to make such an application, or have been directed to this page by one of our advertisements  please email: