Contingent Workers Volunteer Scheme

The Contingent Workers Volunteer Scheme (CWVS) is provided by the Crocels Community Media Group to help people out-of-work, people otherwise unable to hold down regular employment or self-employment, or those people who have surplus time that they want to put to use for the benefit of their communities, get experience of the world of work and also essential life skills.

People taking part in the CWVS have the chance to have access to the same opportunities as other contingent workers, only on a casual basis, without any contract. People taking part in the CWVS are under no obligation to perform any duties asked of them and nor are they required to send someone in their place, as is the case with contracted contingent workers.

If you’re getting state aid for being out-of-work (i.e. benefits like Jobseekers Allowance or Incapacity Benefit), you can be part of the CWVS and, in nearly all cases, your out-of-work state aid (i.e. benefits) will not be affected. In such instances you will not be part of what we called ‘the critical path.’ The critical path are the duties that must be done for one of our projects to succeed, which can only be done be contingent workers who are contracted, or otherwise volunteers not dependent on out-of-work state aid (i.e. benefits).

When taking part in the CWVS you may be given expenses and, in some cases (e.g., if you’re volunteering full-time), you may also get a small subsistence allowance for food or travel or both. For more information on what expenses you may be entitled to, please visit this information page.

More information

For more information on the process we use to see which volunteering role, read our page on the Crocels Professional Development Programme, of which the Contingent Workers Volunteer Scheme is a ‘lite’ version of. We have more in-depth information on how the CWVS works on these pages.