Jonathan Bishop

Jonathan Bishop is an information technology executive, researcher and writer. Graduating with his first degree in Multimedia Studies in 2002, he has gone one to apply existing media studies theory to the Internet for the creation of new conceptual frameworks. This has included in relation to stereotypes and character theories, audience and narrative theories, genre and culture. Jonathan also holds masters degrees in E-Learning (MSc), Information Systems (MScEcon) and European Union Law (LLM). He is probably the most published researcher in the world on Internet trolling, with research papers and edited books looking at the topic from the point of view of law and criminology; media, community and cultural studies; and youth studies. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, music, photography, and chess.

Responsibilities in Crocels CMG

Jonathan Bishop is the Chief Executive Officer of the Crocels Community Media Group accountable directly to the members of:

Jonathan Bishop is the Editor-in-Chief of: