Expenses for Volunteers

Crocels Community Media Group understands that some volunteers are at a particular disadvantage in accessing our Contingent Working Volunteer Scheme (CWVS).

On projects with the appropriate grant aid, or where an appropriate surplus exists we can considering providing the following expenses according to guidance drawn up by the UK Government (i.e. HMRC, DWP):

  • A bus or train fare for you to get to or from your CWVS
  • The cost of somewhere to stay if you have to be away from home overnight because of your participation in the CWVS
  • The cost of your meals while you are taking part in the CWVS
  • The cost of any special clothing or equipment that you need to participate in the CWVS
  • The cost of some care expenses in certain cases to enable you to take part in the CWVS.

If you receive any of these expenses whilst you are on state aid schemes (like Jobseekers Allowance, or other government out-of-work state aid schemes) you must keep your own records and tell your local Jobcentre Plus centre.