Our Initiatives

Crocels helps co-ordinate the following initiatives through its member companies and by working with external businesses, organisations and individuals.

These initiatives exist under our rules as ‘Managed Direct Action Councils’ (MDACs), ‘Oustered Direct Action Congresses’ (ODACs) or ‘Single-Member Direct Action Consultancies’ (SMDACs). They are run as permanent ventures as compared to our ad-hoc projects called VDACs which only exist when there is a task to perform. MDACs have a leader, like an editor-in-chief or principal. ODACs have a president and are usually part of other organisations or have members who are not from companies within Crocels. Finally, SMDACS have a consultant, and are led by them only.

Managed Direct Action Councils (MDACs)

Oustered Direct Action Congresses (ODACs)

Single-Member Direct Action Consultancies (SMDACs)